Friday, May 27, 2005


Man I am so glad today is Friday... it's been a long week!! I changed my hours to 7 to 4 am. So I have to get my butt up earlier... and beauty isn't quick so it takes me a minute sometimes... (smile) Looking forward to having a nice long THREE DAY WEEKEND!! WHOOOO!! It's gonna be nice. But the bad thing is hubby has to work. So i will be chillin. I will scrap on Sunday with Cat. That will be cool. I will bust out about 8-10 pages as usual. I hate to put her to shame like that... but oh well. Saturday I am gonna clean up my pig stye of a house.. Today I gotta get really focused and do my work. I also got a free lance job with my old school so I need to put some time into that too.

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