Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ramblings from a BNF chick....

I am soooo ready to leave work for the day. It's 4:34 and i am counting down the minutes. Today I have not worked at all... ok maybe i worked 15 mins. (smile). I am ready to relax and maybe scrap over the weekend. i am sooo looking forward to going to Austin next for the Scrapbook Expo. Should be lots of fun to take the bus trip and hang out with Cathy. And take lots of pictures! We are such nerds -- we both already bought paper and stickers for our pages on the trip we havent' even gone on yet!

I need to get my hair done or do it myself this weekend. Maybe i will do that. My hair lady moved to Missouri city and I am not feeling the drive over there!!!! no sir... Rod's cousin is graduating from law school next weekend. I will probably go with him to the graduation, i think. Lots of good photo ops. But they may not be photo people.

One of the ladies i work with sighs heavily all day long. It burns me up!!!!!! I hate it. I think it's an attention getter... ughhh... can she just shut up? and she smacks her damn gun sooo loud. SHE IS ANNOYING!!!!!!

I am sleepy i wanna go and scrap a bit when i get home... but i am sleepy. Hubby has been off all day i wonder what's in store for me when i get home.... i am sure he will have the house clean but i am hoping for dinner. Maybe he went to the grocery. I hope he worked out cause he gets irritable when he doesn't.

I got a new letter set today. The Sizzlits "Bounce". They were 50% off at Hobby Lobby!!! YEAH! Score... Image hosted by

QUOTE for the DAY..... Cat says she is gonna be "B-N-F" soon.... that stands for "Butt-Naked-Fine". LOL!!!

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