Thursday, February 16, 2006

My "O" Moment

Well I finally got the opportunity to see a taping of oprah in Chicago. I can't say I tried for years to get tickets. Actually, I only tried once this time. A couple of years ago I tried by phone and was unsuccessful. This time around, I just answered a question about race online and they called the next day with TWO seats! Two of my girlfriends and I had been thinking we wanted to go. Well one of them is a teacher and couldn't go anyway so Kim and I went. We got our tickets that night and flew out later the next week. It was on a Thursday so that meant I had to call into work. (hate doing that!) We stayed at the Hyatt on Wacker. On Thursday morning we went to the Harpo studios at 6:30 am, they opened the doors at 7:00-7:30 am. We had to wait in line but that wasn't so bad, they had the side walk covered in one of those canopy things. Once we got in, they took our cameras and phones. (That sucks being a scrapbooker) And hoarded us into a waiting room they called us into the studio by last name and we were seated. We were seated on the FRONT ROW! After the audience team briefed us on stuff Oprah came out! Boy was it surreal! She was just a few feet in front of me. The most powerful black beautiful woman in the world! And she was standing right in front of me. The topic of the show The Human Race Machine. What would we look like if we were white? Asian? Hispanic? Then, two families—one white, one black—swap races in a provocative experiment. The topic was really interesting. After the show was tapped she told us the Hermes Story. She said that the store really was open and they snubbed her even after they knew who she was... Gayle even came out and sat on stage and talked with her. I even offered my two cents and actually talked to Oprah directly! that was soooo cool!!

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Muriel said...

my friend is trying to go to Oprah to.