Friday, May 26, 2006

NYC Trip - Chinatown Visit

Chinatown in NYC was a real trip! We took the train from Time Square to Canal Street right in the heart of Chinatown. There were lots of shops and stores in these tiny little spaces. Everyone had something to sell. Watches, purses, clothes, souvenirs, anything you heart could desire. Then there were the fish markets. UGHHHH! OMG... the stench at the markets was horrible. Enough to make me gag. But people were right up in there, buying squid and octopus and everything else in the sea. We walked all up and down the streets shopping and looking and we found a nice little Chinese restaurant. I had a delicious of shrimp and sesame. It was soooo good. The shrimp tasted so fresh! The people in the restaurant were so nice and friendly. Basically everyone was nice and friendly that we met along the way. It was definitely a neat experience to check out this part of NY.  Posted by Picasa

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