Friday, June 16, 2006

Where have I been, Eh?

Where have I been, Eh?? I went to Calgary!Hey guys. I went to Calgary, Alberta - Canada this week. I got back last night. I went for work and got to do a little sight seeing while I was there too. It was a lot of fun! We went to Banff and saw the Canadian Rockies! Talk about beautiful and breath taking! It was a scrapbookers dream, picture opportunities everywhere. The pictures just do not do it justice. I have never been in the mountains like this before, well I have never been to the mountains at all, that close. We had lunch at Lake Louise at the Fairmont Hotel, the view was beautiful! We even saw elk on the side of the road! Of course I got out and got pictures and video of them. It was too cool.

Have a good weekend y'all! I am challenging myself to do TWO page this weekend.. can it happen????


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Tasha said...

those pictures are great. WOW!! CANADA... DID you do any shopping by chance, I heard they had awesome deals.

Renee said...

Great pics. Hope you had fun.

CathyVal said...

The pictures are just beautiful! Glad you had the opportunity to do some sight seeing while you were there!

toya said...

those pics are really great, glad you had fun,, I heard Canada is beautiful.

Keianna said...

Awesome photos, you have to scrap them and share.