Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Weekend...

Well it's sunday night and I am dreading going to work tomorrow. Not that I hate my job, but I would love to just stay in bed! (who wouldn't) We had our date night on Saturday we went to RA Sushi Bar . I had been wanting to go for a while. The wait was horrible but it was well worth it. I had crispy calamari crab rolls and crab cakes. Can you say YUMMMY!!! OMG!! Hubby and I plan on going back soon... maybe not on a saturday night again, but definitely soon. Saturdays tend to get the young extra hip crowd. Everyone there was so "pretty" and "hip" in the lounge/bar... defintely a pick-up area for singles. It's nice being with your husband and knowing that you don't have to worry about all that bull.

We rented movies and watched Glory Road and Failure to Launch. Both good movies. Glory Road was extrememly good. I love that it was a true story about one of the most important games of basketball ever.

No scrappin' this weekend. Too lazy. I wanted to though. I am just now starting my housework for the weekend, on Sunday night!

Have a great one!


Tasha said...

Hey, glad you had a good date night. I totally understand and can appreciate the many perks a hubby brings to life. I looooved failure to launch. Funny!!!!

Oh and don't feel about that house work, it's 11PM (past bed time) on Sunday and I'm going through blogs instead of STARTING my weekend housework. and it's all a WRECK..

Adrienne said...

I want to see glory road, and I haven't seen failure to launch yet either so I will be adding them to my netflix list. have you seen red eye? FANTASTIC movie!