Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to All...

Fussing with people you care about is the worst. Mom and I had alittle spat last night and I feel bad. It wasn't anything serious but I got pretty upset with her. She called this morning sounding like she was sorry, but not saying. It really sucks to me to be out of sorts with one of you favorite people. Mom and I are really close, but I lost it last night and went off and told her how I felt. Now I feel like things are funny between us. This has happened before and she will be ok in a day or so. It just hurts to fuss with people you love. Now... when it's people you don't care about ....it's doesn't feel like this. We'll get over it, we always do. We talk to each other 10 times a day and can't stay mad long.

So... on to other things. Thanksgiving is approaching us in two days! WOW... it came so fast. Hubby and I will hopefully be dining at nice restaurant downtown cause I don't feel like cooking this year. I need the day off. Let someone cook for me... Clean up for me... Looking forward to seeing the parades on TV in the morning. As kids, my sister and I used to love to watch the holiday parades. I just got an email that the Color Purple will be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. That will be a great treat! Maybe the hubby and I will lay in bed and have breakfast and watch the parades Thursday morning. Sounds like fun to me!! I know corny... but it's the simple things I look forward too.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!


Tasha said...

I totally understand. I am not cooking A THING this holiday. It's all about getting fed at someone else's expense and hard work this year. I am relaxing.
I really hope you feel better about the situation with your mom. However, it's good that you are able to express your feelings instead of resenting yourself later for holding it all in. Cheer up, you'll be back on the phone chatting it up in no time, not even remembering this.

Brown English Muffin said...

one day I want to make it to the Macys parade...one day!!!