Monday, December 04, 2006

Bad Blogger...

First of all, I want to say THANKS to all well wishers that congratulated me about being pregnant. It's nice to know that people are happy for me and thoughtful!

I am really sucky at blogging lately... it just feels like I have so much to say that I get overwhelmed with where to begin... so I will just start today with what's making me happy right now.
  1. Junior - NO... he won't be named a Junior. That's just what we have been calling him until we decide on his name. (smile) I am so happy to be pregnant with this little boy. I am anxious to meet him and see what he looks like... and hold him... and see how he will make us into a family.
  2. Junior's Crib - DH and I got an AWESOME deal on our little one's crib this weekend. We didn't plan to get it this weekend. We just saw a deal we couldn't/shouldn't pass up. It's a Baby's Dream crib, cherry wood. It's soo pretty... really looking forward to seeing his nursery come together. I am glad to have such a big item marked off the list now. DH was sooo happy and excited to get the crib for "his boy". Pictures to come soon...
  3. Shopping for Junior - Junior is now the proud owner of a few pieces of clothing and one pair of shoes. I have been picking up things here and there for him. It's true that cute boy stuff is harder to find that little girly stuff. But there is cute stuff out there. Also I have been agonizing about what kind of travel system, stroller to get. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Work - Right now it's slow. The best time of the year is the time between Thanksgiving and New Years holidays. Everything is slow and quiet. People are nicer and in the holiday spirit (most of the time). I get to play solitaire at work when no one is looking... LOL... I can give my projects more attention and time, rather than rushing through every job that comes to my desk.
  5. Hot Chocolate - I have been soooo addicted to Hot Chocolate with milk lately... I have a least one cup a day. I read about the Cocomotion on someones blog and wanted to get it. DH laughed at me and said that the coffee pot could do the same thing...
  6. The Wire (on HBO) - why have I slept on this series? DH and I have been watching The Wire on HBO on Demand for the last few weeks. Normally I am not a fan of cop shows, law shows, etc. But this show is so raw and gritty... guess that's why it keeps my attention. Love all the characters and how they plots continue to thicken with each episode. The old seasons begin airing on BET in January. Glad that I will be able to catch up from the beginning.
Happy Monday!!!

Take care,


Tasha said...

OMG, looooove the updates. Do feel weird blogging about babystuff... well don't I love and others will too. Besides there will be waaaay more to come, looking forward to it. Man, Why do we watch the Wire also, and ON Demand, now we have satellite... but before it was on demand. And, it's perfect timing for work to be slow. You need the break and rest through these prego times.

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