Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tiny Terrors...

Last night watching this show scared the crap out of me. The House of
Tiny Terrors (on TLC) is this show about children with discipline
problems and their parents. These kids are soooo bad! They hit, bite,
have tantrums, don't eat, won't sleep... scary! I am freaking out
cause I don't wanna have a kid like this. I feel like I need to watch
these shows so I don't do what these parents are doing to their
children. Now I do understand that all children are different and that these may be extreme cases. But
it's scary how so much of what you do or say can impact a child's
behavior. It's also sad to see how hurt the parents are about the way
their child is behaving, and that it may be their fault that the kid
is acting that way.

Is this what I have to look forward too???!?!!?


Tasha said...

Nooooo, you don't have that to look forward to. Sure kids have their moments, but yeah that was the extreme. Has'nt anyone ever told you NOT to watch things like that, oh, and childbirthing stories too, while preggo... You'll go nuts!!!!

Justinsmom said...

If it makes you feel better.. my son (justin) is so much better behaved now.. I am sure you will be a great mom! AND Like Tasha said - dont watch things like that while your preggo! TOTALLY agree :)