Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!

Memorial Day was pretty fun for us. Junior and I had a Mommy and Me professional photoshoot to surprise daddy for fathers day... I'll post the photos later from that. It was nice having the day off to lay on the couch and just relax and watch movies and nap with him today. Tommorow the little guy gets his 2 month shots at the doctor's office. I hate to see him cry. But I know he will be brave and make it through them ok. I am also anxious to see if he is hitting his milestones properly and what his weight is. He's grown so much lately.

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Adrienne said...

He is such a beautiful baby! LOL just beautiful!

Trina said...

Oh my gosh! He is too cute for words. Look at those cheeks and those eyes! Get ready. Can we say..HEARTBREAKER. Glad you had a nice holiday, it felt oh so good to sit around and do nothing but chill and eat yesterday. lol

Lisa D. said...

he is so adorable...and those the photo of both of you!

Tasha said...

He's amazingly a cutey pie. He is growing so fast...I'm glad you are enjoying the moments with him.

Vee said...

What a cutie :)
have a great weekend :)