Friday, November 16, 2007


Man am I glad the weekend is here... it's been a really crazy week. Lots of stuff going down at work, end of year things to design, calendars etc. People want to use up every little bit of money they have left in the budget.

Working from home with a 7 month old is really a task I tell. It's been a challenge to me. But it's one I can say I am proud to be able to do every day. I enjoy pushing myself and accomplishing things at work and managing him at the same time. It's a chore. Being a WAHM is a tough job. But I am glad that I have it. I am very thankful to my job for letting me do this.

I am so blessed to have not had to put my son in a daycare at 6 weeks old. He's been with me since birth. We do have a sitter and a home day care lady that keeps him a few times a month. But other than that is just me and the hubby and little Junior. We make it work. There is nothing wrong with daycare, but for us this is working for now. Who knows in another 6 mos where we will be.

But I am totally excited about going home to my Mom's next week for Thanksgiving!!! It will be Junior's 2nd time on a plane! His first trip he was 4 months old. Now being 7 months he's definitely going to be full of energy. So thank good ness for a direct flight! We'll manage... I didn't take pics on the plane on our first trip... i will try to get some on the plane this time.

I want to go out and find him a bib or shirt that say's "Baby's First Thanksgiving!" I know it's corny.. but i still want it!!! LOL...

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Virtuous said...

He is simple adorable!

Seems like you are manage quite well with being an at home working mom. My girlfriend is experiencing the same thing!

Have a blessed holiday!!

CathyVal said...

Okay I have a confession, I have a bib that say's Baby's 1st Thanksgiving that I bought for Jr a month ago. I just haven't sent it off with all the craziness at work. I will sent it to your Moms since you are going to be there now. I'll mail it off on Monday. I might just go ahead and fed ex it to Mama's house.
Have a good weekend! love ya Cathy

ricanlaw said...

Amazing, amazing eyes.

Trina said...

it's been a while since I been over here. twin he is adorable! Look at those!