Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All by myself...

Thanks for the well wishes and congrats! I really appreciate that!!!

Okay so today I have to go in for my post partum check up. And I have to take BOTH kids with me... I have already packed the car... packed my diaper bag... got toys for the big kid to keep him occupied... got snacks packed... having two makes having one seem so much easier.

Having two like this requires planning ahead. But I am sure I will forget something. I just hope my doctor isn't late or behind today. Not trying to be in the waiting room with these two for an undetermined time. Let me stop complaining, it's not really gonna be that bad.

I am ready to get the clear from my doc to start working out. The weight in the tummy area is a little more stubborn this time around! I am thinking of incorporating a morning walk into my already crazy routine... yeah right. I have big dreams... maybe I can do it.  

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Tasha said...

Girl you got this in the bag, it was what you were made to do, well part of what you were made to do. How did it go?