Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My inaugural day...

I think everyone can attest to today being a great day! I was so blessed to be able to spend the day watching inaugural coverage with my family, hubby, son, and daughter at home. I would have loved to have been in DC, but I had great seats at home. Our tv was constantly on CNN, TV One, and MSNBC. 

His speech was so inspirational! I loved how he touched on the nation together. And getting up and going to work. All support for religions and faiths. No president has ever done that. And how he wants to work with other nations. But if they don't wanna work us, don't even try and mess with us. I think we are in store for great things in the next eight years, yes I say eight. Because the way the country is rallying behind him there is no doubt he will be back for another term.

One other thing... it think is pure amazing how the country is receiving him. So many people turned out for the inauguration! I was just in pure awe looking at the numbers of people on the mall to witness this. So many black, whites, hispanics, asians... people traveled for miles. Over all the mood of the people was so happy, even in 19 deg temps. I would have loved to have been there if I was single and could just hit the road. 

We cooked out and enjoyed some good food as we watched the parades and first dance. 

Overall I'm proud of America. Proud of how far we have come as a nation. Anxious to see where we are going. I feel like we are finally moving forward as a country and nation. That maybe people will start to see that we are all equal and worthy. 


Veroncia said...

My thoughts exactly. I was at work, and Ava was at school. But we have talked, talked, and talked some more about what this means for her, our family, our country, and the world. Isn't wonderful that our children won't have first-hand knowledge of a time when their hopes and dreams could be limited by the color of their skin?

Tasha said...

Ditto! I couldn't get away from the TV. Merely alllll day! I love the fam pic, oh and the kiddos with the Obama sign is sooo cool.