Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gdiaper Review





Hey all, we have been in Gdiapers now for a week. Let me just say that I LOVE this diapering system.  I'm loving cloth overall.... I just wish I had done this from the start. But better late than never... My daughter is 9 months old and wears the medium gdiaper. I ordered the 6 pack. 

Well what we have been doing is using cloth prefolds inside of the gdiapers and stuffing them inside the elastic lining. I fold the gerber prefold in thirds. This works very well. We have not had ANY leaks! Not one! And she has worn them over night. I did order some microfiber inserts that we are in the process of trying over the next few days. these should be more absorbent than the prefolds. I did have a bit of a challenging time with the poopy diaper. That we need to still get used to. 

I bought little trash can with lid to use as my diaper pail. It's been working. 

In a few days I will post a review on the Dreameze and the Grobaby. I already love the Grobaby! I wish I had more of these too! More on that later....

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Zakiya said...

They should have sent them to your free since Baby Girl is modeling them so well:)

Roz said...

I'm so glad that you're reviewing these! I looked into these when my daughter was born but tried the bumGeniuses and lets just say that I wasn't organized enough (Didn't have a sprayer, separate diaper pail, plan... anything) when the poop started to come and I gave up. ::sigh::
Anywho, she's almost 1.5 now and I'm working on potty training, but with the next one, I'm going to try and get my cloth diapering act together.

Kudos to you!!!

Oh and I'm not sure I've ever commented, but your kiddos are so stinkin adorable! What a beautifully sweet family you've been blessed with!

Roz said...
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Brown English Muffin said...

I used Kushies when my little one began potty training...I don't understand how you're supposed to potty train a child any other way...if the diaper does it's job how is a child supposed to know when they're wet and what it feels like!!!