Monday, January 24, 2005

Get Lifted...

I feel so much better! I finally heard from the school and graduation is good. I am totally cleared and will be allowed to graduate and not just walk! I can't believe it took almost 3 weeks to find out! Well what ever the matter I am glad it's resolved! I feel a great weight lifted off of me.

Over the weekend Hubby and I had a good time. We went to Fox Sports Grille. It was really nice. The food was awesome. I had crab cakes ($20!!!) and hubby had BBQ Chicken nachos. The atmosphere was cool. A young hip crowd. I think people go there to be seen. We were there to watch the game. The Falcons Vs. Eagles. Sadly the Falcons were defeated and will not go to the superbowl. (I lost a bet to my brother) There were a couple of loud mouth Eagles fans there that wouldn't let it rest... later I watched Friday Night Lights. It was good. A lot of football for my taste. But still an overall good story.

Mom and Dad are coming this weekend. YEAH! I am anxious to see them this weekend. And now i feel that I can really celebrate because I am actually gonna be done!!!!

Song of the Moment: Something by John Legend but I don't know the name of it... i think it's "Get Lifted"

::::UPDATE::::: It's "I Used to Love you" by John Legend... and I also can't get "Baby Mama" by Fantasia Barrino out of my head either... and no I am not a Baby Mama... but if I was I would be proud to sing the song! (smile) :::

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