Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mood right now :: Depressed

I pretty down right now. Why? Well there are so many reasons. School.
I am still being put on the back burner for a decision on whether or
not I am graduating. This is so frustrating. I worked so hard in
school and then something like this happens. I spoke with my advisor
today and they say that they are waiting for corporate now. Well. How
long will this take... I don't know.  I gave it over to God yesterday
and I had a wonderful day. Now I feel like the devil is trying to come
back and bring me down. I am trying not to let it get me down but it
is. I don't wanna feel like this. So I am trying to stay positive but
it's hard. There are also other forces that are working against me and
my joy right now. I think I am too hard on myself and I should not
take things so seriously. I really need to lighten up about a lot of
things. If I mess up on the job even a little mess up I take it to
heart and I beat myself up about it. Can't help it. Yes I can. I am
looking forward to the weekend and to getting a little rest and maybe
some fun.

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