Wednesday, April 27, 2005

On Forgiveness...

The following are some notes that hubby's cousin sent him today... hope this can help someone like it has helped me...

*In this life there will be people or things that will hurt you.

*You do not have the power to control situations that happen to you.

*You can either choose to live a life of bitterness or you can choose to let it go and let God deal with the individuals that are trying to destroy you.

*You have to live a life of forgiveness.
-Start to let stuff go.
-Do not inflict pain on yourself.
-Hebrews 12:15;When you hold on to bitterness,it poisons you.

*How you let something go?
-Matthew 6:14;When people wrong you,God says bless them by praying for them.

*You uproot bitterness by praying for your brother.
-The reason you have to have a forgiving spirit is because there may be someone that you have mistreated.
-Romans 3:23

*Transgression(the idea of slipping and falling).

*Iniquity(crossing the boundaries established by God and His Word).

*When God saved us,God judicially saved us(covered by the blood of Jesus).

*God has forgiven us practically(permanent position in heaven).
-If you forgive your brother,God will forgive you.

*Walls are designed to prevent stuff from getting in.
-You will prevent blessings from coming in your life if you continue to be bitter,leading you to be contaminated and segragated.
-Hebrews 10:30
-Romans 12:19
-Isaiah 61:7-9

*Everyone who has wronged you,you will be justified for it.
-If you are suffering,shout because there is a blessing in store for you.

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