Monday, April 18, 2005

Astros v Braves

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Cathy and I went to the astros v. braves game tonight. we had a lot of fun hanging out. She blogged about this event so perfectly that i stole it from her site and pasted it below...


Some of our memorable moments were the following (and of course I'm going to scrapbook them!) by CV

1. The man walking off from the stand with his food and not paying it - I couldn't believe he did it. He had to of done it before because he walked off just as if was no big deal

2. Trina's foot long hot dog with cheese & chili - she was brave I know if I had ordered it I would of spilled it all over myself. Umm.. I ordered a regular hot dog hee hee.

3. We sit down at our seats and we are four rows behind the Braves dugout! People were throwing items at the players and they were signing them. No we didn't have anything to sign.... Plus I wouldn't of know who was signing anyways.

4. We're enjoying our food before the game, just hanging out and these two boys & man in a suit come up saying that we're in their seats. I pull out my ticket and have a puzzle look on my face. They are quick to tell us that we were sitting in section 113 -- oops... we're supposed to be in section 112. yes they were still good seats and behind the dugout. Well, one of the boys hits Trina's cup and knocks some soda on the ground (not our fault right??) as we are moving the father makes the comment - that's for leaving a mess! HOW RUDE! We finally find out seats and relax - still abit uneasy about if we are in the correct section which we were. We did notice there were several people sitting in other peoples seats hoping that they were vacant and when the people would come they would move to the next available seat and so on and so on.

5. The experience of the stadium! I just love the stadium, not that I've been to alot but hey it's HOUSTON! The stadium is awesome and you just feel like you are apart of the game. The roof stayed open all night - it was a nice night for a game.

6. The kissing cam! A guy proposed to a girl in front of everyone! I think there were about 32,000 people there that night!

7. The first 6 innings were boring. It would go three strikes next team up, three stikes next team up - no action at all. We decided to go and get something to eat during this time.

8. The big head in front of me!! This mans head was big and it blocked my view of second and third base.

9. Ameriquest was giving out free bags if you signed up for some free promotion. The bags has the Astro's logo on it and they were cute. So we decided to go ahead and sign up. I was Kim Smith and Trina was Sarah Fletcher, we gave all the info they needed on Kim & Sarah. When asked to verify our home number - umm... I was stumped I didn't remember what I wrote. So I had to give another number after they figured out I gave a fake number - if they only knew!!!

10. We enjoyed an ice cream sundae in a Astros mini helmet - it was good!

11. We left at the 10 inning with no points on the board and the Braves won by one point in the 11th inning.

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