Monday, May 16, 2005

Scrapbook Expo Trip - Austin

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I went to the scrapbook expo in Austin this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. We left Pearland at like 6:00 am. Cathy and I were the last ones on the bus almost. We sat all the way in the back. Which was kinda cool, cause we had storage space behind us. Cathy and I ate our "lunch" before we even got to Austin. (Cherrios and Ham Sandwiches) On the way there I won a Expo tote bag and a FREE class on the bus. When we first got there I had to rush to my first class (SEI) since it started at 9:00. The classes moved so fast and I forgot my adhesive so I was struggling to keep up! But the pages were sooo cute. We used to "Sweetie" collection. After class Cathy and I criss-crossed since she had a class starting at 10:30. I went and roamed to expo area for a while and made a few quick/small purchased. And I got some adhesive from Pioneer. And got registered for my free class. A SEI class again. This class I thought I got my adhesive i am ready now... then that crappy Pioneer adhesive messed up on me... so i was stuck again in class with no adhesive!! How frustrating... The pages in this class used the "Sleek" line and the "Aunt Gerties Garden" line. Again cute pages! I just need to stick them together. After class I met up with Cathy and we shopped some more and headed to the bus for lunch. For lunch we had our egg salad sandwiches since we ate everything else! Not many people ate on the bus so that was nice. We left the bus and i think Cathy had another class and I shopped more by myself and did some make-n-takes and met up with cathy again. Shortly after I had to run to my last class at 4:00 "Basic Grey" This class gave lots of paper in the class pack that went unused. So that was really cool! We laid out a 2 page spread, a card and a tag. The pages were cute in this class too. I left class early so that I could run back to the expo area for a few last minute things to buy. THen it was back to the bus and heading back to home. Once the bus got to Pearland Beyond Scraps opened the cash register for all of us silly scrapbook buying ladies to buy more stuff and we did. I got the Rummage Magnetic Stamp set for 20% off. WHich i had been wanting for a while.

Some of the best booths there were SEI, Sizzix & Heidi Grace. The prices were pretty good too. Paper was on average 50 cents a sheet.

Oh the story on the backpacks is... We had planned on bringing this little light weight astros packs. But Cathy's hubby thought we would be shopping so much that we need to take backpacks and that it would free our hands up too. So we borrowed her kids backpacks. Cathy's pack had so many compartments that she was always confused as to were her money was.

Overall the trip was a lot of fun. But next year I want to drive and spend the night, do classes on Friday and Shop on Saturday. Also Cathy and I want to take our classes together. Since we feel like we didn't see each other much during the day.

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