Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Last night

last night I started working on a page with me and sister sitting on santa's lap in like 1978 or something.. it's coming out cute so far. Maybe I will post it here. My new goal is at least 2 pages a week. I have sooooooo much paper. i have got to use this stuff up asap. I made an order at Two Peas in a Bucket yesterday they have a lot of stuff on sale now. I just got paper and a few embellishments. My scrap supplies have gotten way outta hand. you would think i made money for scrappin... the way i shop. It's pitiful.

I made Hamburger helper and hubby and I are both eating it for lunch today. Trying to get rid of some meat in our fridge. I am not looking forward to going to Minneapolis this weekend with work. I would much rather just chill and stay at home and SCRAP!!!

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