Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Doc

Well an appointment with a new doctor today. But the bad news I can't get in to see him until early sept! But the good news is he is supposed to be one of the best for this type of thing. He is a fertility specialist and I am hoping that this will mean that he will also be able to help me with concieving after the myo. I am very anxious for this appointment because I want to know what he thinks and I am soooo ready to get this thing out of me and move on with my life. When I look on the net and hear all these stories from women who have had a myo and seeing pictures it becomes so real to me. It's scary to know that you are gonna get cut open like that. The scariest thing is that it could harm my chances of having kids... not likely but it could happen... I guess it's a consolation to know that my big sis has had the same surgery and is working on having a 2nd child very soon.

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