Monday, August 01, 2005

Lazy Sunday... Not

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Yesterday was fun. Cathy and I hung out. We had a quick lunch to start at Sonic and then got pedicures. She got a manicure also. Cathy is such a wimp she couldn't control her giggles while the nail tech was working on her feet. LOL! After that we went shopping down on Westheimer at Buffalo Exchange and a bunch of other "recycled fashion" stores. I got two t-shits. We had a great dinner at Rock Fish. We both had yummy crab cakes. Once again as usual Cathy wore me out draggin me all over town. Needless to say I wanted to take a nap when we got back home. But noooo I slaved away and made brownies for her that she didn't even get to eat!!! Hubby devoured them when he got home though...

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