Friday, August 05, 2005


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I saw Kem last night in concert at the Hobby Center. His show was very good. The evening started off with me meeting Kim and V at Quattro in the Four Seasons downtown. Dinner was nice. I had Lobster Biquse soup and some type of spinach and ravoili dish that was really nice. Dinner was on the expensive side to me. Dinner talk was nice. They are both very nice girls. After dinner we took my car over to the Hobby Center for the show. We were rushing thinking we were gonna be late. Well the show was scheduled to get started at 7:30 and we got there at that time. The show had not yet started. THe show didn't start until about 8:00! There were 2 openers that were pretty good, the first was a solo artist, local i think, Sinae. And then the Red Cat Jazz cafe house band perfomed they were soooo good! I definitely wanna go to Red Cat ASAP. They were awesome. The head guy Dean James was on the sax and he can blow! Finally after a LONG time KEM finally came on stage. His show was more upbeat than I expected. He did more new songs from the new CD - Album II. The crowd really got into it when he did "I can't stop loving you". He did this little monolouge about God and being homeless and on drugs... i didn't know that he had been through that stuff. He's inpsiring. After the show my hubby and Kim's hubby were at a nearby club but we decided not to go. Plus I was tired... it had been a long day. I can home and got straight into bed. Hubby had fun last night too, he wanted me to come by the party he was at but i would have had to wait in line and pay 20 Bucks... i wasn't feeling that!!! Looking forward to a nice lazy weekend!!!

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