Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rita Wasn't as Bad as She Thought She Was...

Well, this was the Hurricane that really wasn't... well i shouldn't say that. Some places got a lot of damage. Well on Wednesday, my boss told me that we could go ahead and take Thurs and Fri off work. So I went home and started to get my thoughts and things together, still not sure what I would do. Hubby found out that we could go to his job and ride out the storm at the airport. I tried to get as much stuff of the floor and out the way of windows as I could. So we went with both of our dogs while he worked. It was kinda cool we had our own little room and we took our futon matress and camped out. The dogs stayed in the K9 Kennel, along with the K9 dogs and other family dogs. It was the best set up we could have asked for. I was comfortable, the dogs were comfortable, and hubby was making crazy OT. So it was a good situation all around. I went home on Saturday afternoon. The house was completely fine and in tact, thanks to god. If the storm had hit Houston and the magnitude they thought it would have we would have seen much much worse! I feel like god spared us.

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