Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Just Wednesday

Can't believe it's just Wednesday.. I am soooo ready for the weekend. Although I love spending time with hubby. I haven't scrapped in forever! I miss it so. I think about it all the time. Luckily I am going to a scrap party next weekend. YEAH!!! So I will be FORCED into to scrappin again. This weekend we are going to San Antonio to see the ATL Falcons play the New Orleans Saints. I bought him these tickets before Hurricane Katrina. So now we are going to San Antonio. I am excited. I also get to wear my Vick Jersery that he got me! Although it's only one night it's ok because we will get to go to the game on Sunday and have Saturday to just hang out and explore. Then maybe we can plan a a nicer trip to San Antonio later when we have time to stay longer. Today at work I designed an ad for a magazine, I will start working on some web stuff later, and then I hope to coast and read blogs into 4:00 pm.

Tomorow I have another doctors appt. I have a stress test. And I need to turn in my holter monitor. I am anxious to get the results back on this. It probably won't be until next week before I know something. We shall see, We shall see...

Yesterday we worked out at the gym and I thought to ask if the childcare is included in the dues and it is! 6 mos and up can stay. WOW! That will be cool when we have kids the kid can come and stay while we work out. I know that's corny, but i am getting excited about the thought of having kids soon. OH, My sister found out that she is pregnant too. She is 11 weeks pregnant now!!! Tamekia is pregnant too... and Zakiya is pregnant too!! EVERYBODY IS!!! I am sure that any day now Phillis is gonna tell me that she is too... Oh well... I guess I should be glad that I still have the freedom to sit on the couch and watch LOST without any interuptions and that we can sleep in on weekends and I can still buy all the scrap stuff I want.

I took this picture this past weekend. And I set the camera on the coffee table. I really want us to get some more pictures taken. It would be nice to get some professional ones done with the dogs too!

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