Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nano, Stress and Lost...

I am soooo busy today but gotta find time for my blog. That's my black Nano! Well it's not mine just yet but almost. I can't wait to get it... I can just taste it... I am such a nerd about gadgets. :-) I just have to purchase a little bit more and it will be all mine... muuuhaahaa. LOL.

I got into work today at about 12:08. I had a stress test this morning. The first thing that happened is they injected me with RADIATION?!?!?! This totally freaked me out! They lady was sweet she was saying oh it's no big deal, it's so we can take a picture of your heart. After the first picture I got on the treadmill and ran for about 8.5 minutes. And then they injected me again and then they did the scan picture thing again. Each picture took about 25 mins. The doctor said he should have all my results by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

LOST was ok last night... not a real clif hanger. But it was ok. Still has my attention. I may look up some hints of stuff on the net today. I am anxious to see what's going on with me. I am an internet research junkie. Anything I wanna know I will google it in a hot second! Hubby says I shouldn't do that. That I should just wait and see it on Wednesday night like everybody else.

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stephanie said...

i need one of these. the nano in black is fierce!