Friday, April 07, 2006

I wonder what today will bring...

Good morning! TGIF and all that other stuff!! I am soooooo glad it's
friday... this week has been a struggle... the time change really
effected me.

Well the picture I posted today is of my super cute Wonder bread
sandwich container. I LOVE THIS THING! It's just too cute... I brought
a beef salami sandwich as part of my lunch today and I already ate it.
It's the only container at my house that I don't have to worry about
my husband taking to work and losing the top or something... it's not
manly enough for him.

Well I hope the rest of my day runs smoothly and that I can leave on
time today and get home to catch the tail end of Oprah!

Anyone got plans to scrap this weekend... I don't want to put pressure
on myself... I may or may not... we'll see.

Have a great one! T


Adrienne said...

Too funny about the contanier! I so feel ya on that one!

I PLAN to scrap on Sunday!!!

Michelle said...

I plan to scrap on Saturday, it's supposed to rain ALL day here in Jersey.
I just found out from someone that EK Success is having a warehouse sale this weekend and I might go check that out. I don't really have a lot of their stuff.