Monday, August 07, 2006

Red Lily Monday Blog Challenge

1. I WANT to enjoy today.
2. I HAVE an wonderful husband.
3. I WISH that I was on vacation right now.
4. I HATE lot of things. But wish I didn't... hate is not good.
5. I MISS Alabama, but only for a visit.
6. I HEAR office chatter.
7. I WONDER what the next 12 months holds in store for me.
8. I REGRET not scrappin more in the last few months.
9. I AM NOT as organized as I would like to be lately.
10. I DANCE when i hear my favorite songs or when i am eating good food.
11. I SING again when i hear my favorite songs or when i am eating good food.
12. I CRY not often. But when I am very sad or really mad.
13. I AM NOT ALWAYS happy.
14. I MAKE WITH MY HANDS great food and scrapbooks.
15. I WRITE in my blog, I hate hand writing anything.
16. I CONFUSE names and faces a lot, with people i don't know well.
17. I NEED to go to Alabama and spend more time with my parents
18. I SHOULD pray more.
19. I START cleaning my office alot but never finish.
20. I FINISH watching my tv shows.


Sue said...

I can so relate to #16. I forget names so often that I get down right embarrassed asking them over and over. Great sentences. Thanks for sharing :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Love this list!!! I may have to "lift" it for my blog too.

Adrienne said...

Great list!

Elizabeth said...

I can relate to your not always being happy! Sometimes I wonder if peeps think we're expected to be!!!!

Trina said...

Hi Trina, great list. I could not agree more w/ #2!!! My husband is wonderful. I also agree w/ #3. I did the challenge as well. Just wanted to tell you hi.

Jennifer said...

Great list, I'm for sure with on #3 as well.