Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who are you calling a weirdo??

Ok, so Tasha has tagged me... to list 5 weird things about me. Oh, there were a lot... but to keep myself from looking like a total weirdo I am only posting the not so bad things... Here goes...

5 Weird things about me:
  1. I will never ever take a shower without shower-shoes. No matter how clean the shower is. even at a fancy hotel I must have shower shoes. I have had the same green flip flops from old-navy for the longest time and those are my shower shoes. Anytime I am packing for a trip that is the first thing on my list.
  2. I must sleep with the radio on. But it has to be in the lowest setting so that you can barely hear it. Or else it is too loud and I can not sleep.
  3. My hubby tells me that I talk in my sleep. I hope I do not say anything incriminating to myself. LOL! And sometimes I dream that spiders are in my bed. I have very vivid dreams when I do dream.
  4. I have issues with food. I can not stand anyone to talk to me about what I am eating and why I am eating it that way. I hate it when people question why I use certain condiments with certain foods. Just be quiet and eat your own food! It makes me ill. Not only that but I have to prepare my food just right, depending on what it is. Certain food should not touch etc.
  5. I never use the same wash cloth twice. Every time I shower, wash my face or what ever I use a brand new washcloth. When I was a kid my mom fussed at me about using too many towels. Ever since I have been on my own, I have enjoyed the fact that I can use as many towels as I want. I have to wash them. :-)
I am tagging Cheryl and Cathy. Come on ladies...


adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!! Love your list.

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your list!!! The one about using shower shoes in every shower just cracks me up! You would get along with my 14-y-o dd; she carries hand sanitizer and toilet seat covers in her purse! LOL
Okay, since I've been tagged I'll try and do this--

(1) I have an irrational disgust of mayonnaise. I can't touch a jar and I won't ever purchase an opened jar for my dh; if he wants it he must buy it himself!

(2) I also have to have noise on when I go to bed. I leave the television on low throughout the night.

(3) I have an irrational fear of heights (OMG--it's awful), but I somehow made it to the top of the Sear's Tower (one of my greatest accompishments!)

(4) I have dressed in costume for Halloween every year in my life (I'm assuming my mom dressed me up as an infant and small child!). I still do it as an adult!

(5) I was on the CBS Evening News when I was 8. Lived in Austin, Texas, and my parents were out voting in the 1976 presidential election; they caught us on tape and we were on the news that night!

Thanks for the tag! (I may have to steal it and post on mine too! You need to go check out my blog; I had a good "taggable" thing yesterday.)

Cheryl Wray said...

I've been missing your posts!! Hope everything's okay and that life is just keeping you busy!!