Sunday, February 01, 2009

How do you find the time?

I'm not posting to my blog as often as I would like these days. It seems I never have the time anymore to do anything!! I read blogs where I see women who are SAHMs and/or Working Moms and they scrap and do this and that... I don't see how I could ever scrapbook these days! I spend my whole day trying to stay caught up.... with the kids, housework, dishes, laundry, the dog. I squeeze in time for a few DVRed shows, playing on Facebook, and that's about it. When I get them both down for nap time, I need a nap myself! I wish I knew how to get my own creative time squeezed in some where... I am greatful that my hubby gives me a real day off every week. But I usually spend that day playing catch up or away from the house. It's hard for me to close myself up in a room and scrapbook when my hubby and kids are home too... sooooo how do you find the time?

Anyway... here are a few pics of my two. I can't believe my little boy is going to be 2 next month!!! And my little princess is 4 months old next week! WOW... time files... I guess we must be having fun. ;-)



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Ericka said...

I know how you feel. Between school, studying, housework, errands, and my kid's social life, I haven't scrapbooked in months. And I only have one ten-year-old, so I really feel for you.

The pics of your kids are adorable. I can't believe how big that baby has already gotten. Looks like she's got a head full of hair, too!

cheryl said...

gorgeous photos!! they are just adorable. :)
i totally know what you mean about not feeling like you are getting much done. lots of days i crawl exhausted into bed and feel so disappointed in myself that i got nothing done. usually when i do finally get to scrapping i do a million at once. i definately get stuff done in spurts.

momy4him said...

i am in the same boat- one day i'll catch up! i know you will too!