Monday, February 23, 2009

What's Good?

Hello world, My life still continues to be as crazy as all get out! We are making it one day at a time. I'm really trying to cherish these days with my little ones. Cause my princess is growing up sooooo very fast! Not to mention Junior. He is just a little weed. We have been spending recent days enjoying the nice weather. Taking trips to the playground, bouncing and climbing play spots, and family dinners. I'm getting the hang of leaving the house with the both of them better. Like today I had the both in the car and ready to leave in about 30 mins! That is with diaper bag packed, bottle made, sippy cup ready, hair done (hers), shoes on, etc... I have yet to get it to a science but it's coming. I am also secretly trying to play my son down so he sleeps better at night. 
Junior has offically hit the "TERRIBLE TWOS!" I used to think it was not real, just an excuse for bad kids. I disagree. We are still a few weeks out for his 2nd bday, but boy this child has all of a sudden become some one else's child! He's not terrible, he just has his moments during the day.  He really tries me. I'm have to keep my cool with him. But after he does something or behaves badly he will turn around and do something so cute and sweet. He's my sweetheart... but i am already looking forward to the "TERRIFIC THREES"! 
Our Princess has been progressing right along. She loves to sit up in her BebePod Chair and play with her toys and links. She enjoys watching big brother run around and play. She smiles and laughs at him when he screams and hollers. She is not on a schedule, she does go to bed at the same time each night. BUt I am going to do my best this week to try and get one established for during th day. 




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cheryl said...

well you'd never guess he would be in his terrible 2s by those photos! he's gorgeous! :)and i love the sunglasses on her. lol! she really is growing so much.
glad things are going a little better for you. i was hoping you were ok.