Monday, December 13, 2004

Is it day or night...

That's what I am asking myself now. It's dark out side and I have been up all night working on stuff to turn in tommorow (or today) in my final portfolio class. It's been a nice wekeend. I got to work on Sat morning with my group and we did a nice amount of work. Cathy met me at the school for lunch and we did alittle shopping and hanging out. That was fun! I got a really cute pink pea coat from Old Navy that was 7 bucks!! Today I didn't do much I finally left the house around 2 and got home at about 8. I was procrastinating the whole day... because i didn't want to do my home work once again. I am so glad this is the last week. I don't think i could last much longer. I think i will shut down the computer and get ready to find something to wear today. It's gotta be comfortable because it's gonna be a long one. All day at work and then at school until 10 2 nite. I should get home at about 11. I hope this will be our final meeting. I know DH is getting tired of this... but i gotta do it.

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