Friday, December 17, 2004

It's Over...

Well school is offically OVER!!!!! Whew... boy i thought it would never come... but it did. I feel really good about acomplishing this goal I made for myself. Now i can sit back and wait on graduation and portfolio show which is about a month away. Can't wait until tonight when I can curl up on the couch with my hubby and watch a movie. We haven't been able to do much hanging out lately since school heated up. But now I wil be able to. It should be nice. I am little disapointed that I won't be scrappin' this weekend because my BF Cathy bailed on me. But she had a good reason. I will let her slide on this one. But come January we are gonna have a weekend long scrap-a-thon! :-) (hope you are reading this cathy!!!) Well now i can look foward to going to Alabama next week too. I leave on Tuesday. We are going to ATL to shop and hang out for a day and then go to AC until Sunday. I hope to meet up with Becky from my old Job and go by there and see some old folks. It's 8:16 AM and I am hungry. I guess I should be because I didn't eat breakfast. I have a cup of applesauce on my desk that I think I am gonna take care of right now.

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