Monday, March 07, 2005

Rodeo - A Keys

Well the rodeo was awesome! Hubby and I had a wonderful time.... once we got there. We didn't get ther until about 8:00! The rodeo started at 7. We missed most of the bronco riding and stuff we caught a little of it. I was hopping mad when we were in traffic trying to park. But i was cool when we got to our seat. The concert was great. Alicia Keys knows how to put on a performance. She had a hat on for the first half and you couldn't see her face. But toward the middle of the concert she took it off. She closed the show with "Falling" of course and opened with "Karma". We both throughly enjoyed it. We need to do things like this more often. We definitely be going again next year. I was a little bummed that John Legend was NOT there. He was doing another show in Houston that night at a small venue. On the way home we had a good time singing everything from Alicia Keys to Mint Condition at the top of our lungs.

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